We embody steadfast values to hold responsibility for persons, as individuals and as wholes, past, present and future. It is a fundamental truth that small thoughts and small actions compound to greater impacts, therefore, we must remain grounded in making continuous conscious endeavours to protect our kin, and our planet. As Mother Nature provides infinite inspiration, healing, love and abundance, we must reflect these attributes to our fellowships, and also eciprocate these back to our planet. Through all means possible, we stay grounded to our virtues and take accountability for all of our impacts.


Reused, Upcycled, and Repurposed Packaging

Packaging materials takes a colossal amount of energy, water and other natural resources to produce every single day. To minimise waste and reduce our carbon footprint, we reuse materials sent by our suppliers wherever possible.


100% Carbon Neutral Shipping with Sendle

Sendle is Australia's first 100% carbon neutral shipping service and is proudly a certified B Corp company. The B Crop stamp indicates that their company does business to strive for the greater good. Sendle's mission is to help small businesses succeed while doing good by the planet.


Fully Compostible Mailers with BetterPackagingCo.

Anything packaged in bags by Be.neath is fully compostable in your home compost. Betterpackagingco. is a proudly Australian based company who creates eco-friendly packaging solutions for eCommerce businesses - helping us take a step away from plastic... for good!


Eco-Friendly Packaging

We take every endeavour to opt for environmentally friendly alternatives when packaging your orders. Our packaging is predominantly comprised of paper as compared to plastic, paper-based protective packaging is biodegradable, renewable, and curb-side recyclable. Bubble wraps are, however, necessary to protect the glass aquariums, thus, we have made every effort to only use eco-friendly bubble wrap.