About Us

Our Philosophy

In any individual's endeavour to live a life full of vigour, passion, love and joy, one must not begin by creating definitions of outward identifiers of a 'successful' life (such as one's material belongings and career). Instead, one must focus on making inner discernments to understand immaterial, intangible artefacts which are created by our most authentic selves for these are what matters most. By setting the concrete with quality materials such as steadfast ethics, values and beliefs, these will provide an unshakable foundation for the pillars of life we build on top of it. Thus, we believe that, "the secret to living a full, joyful, and abundant life, is, to, begin with what lies beneath". The journey must always begin with the unseen, the unheard and the untouched. It's the things that lie beneath the surface.


Our Story

In light of a unique situation, there grew a strong urge to beautify the space we surround ourselves. We had a desire to introduce the outdoors, indoors as it is where we spend most of our days.

As a result, we decided to install a small aquarium in a humble corner amongst our indoor jungle.​ Little did we realise how much relief it provided throughout the most stressful and anxious times. It cultivated so much inspiration and appreciation for mother nature and the beauty she provides us.​

This aquarium served as a guide to help us realise Mother Nature's artistic flair. She creates the finest pieces of work which sparks nothing short of complete and utter awe. We have the blessing of appreciating the plants, crystals, seashells and fish that she has made. We wanted to make this easy for others to enjoy too.​


Shown in the image above is one of the greatest gifts our nature may ever gift us - Amira - our anchor, our light, and our biggest inspiration. She motivates us to live life more consciously, thoughtfully, and lovingly.


Our Dreams

Up until this day, it is undeniable that there is a widespread stigmatisation in psychotherapy especially for those who venture in to seek help. For many, they feel repelled and intimidated as feelings of worry or anxiety my arise from the thought of people making assumptions when they hear you are seeing a psychologist.

Therefore, we see that it is important that there be a warm, welcoming and alluring place for those to feel impelled to address their mental health concerns--no mater how minute or serious it may be. Our 15-year dream is, therefore, to establish an oasis for all to retreat to for their mental health needs. The desire to achieve this is with the intention of normalising psychotherapy as a means for all to seek betterment, just as we do for physical health at the gym.

We also appreciate that the road towards better mental health and wellbeing requires more than just psychotherapy. Quite aligned with holistic views, we see it be essential to provide services that compliment the healing and growth of an individual's mental health and wellbeing. 


Image links to our original post on Instagram. Space Art by @__baeige__

To illustrate our imaginings, you can expect to be welcomed into a cafe-front where meetings with your psychologists may take place. Classes for meditation, yoga, sound healing, life-coaching and more are scheduled to operate throughout the week. You may also expect a store which provides all your self-care and mental health needs (including tools, decorations and furnishings that make you feel at least 1% more joy.)

And so, this is where we shall begin this journey--with the store. What you see here today is a step forward towards our 15-year goal and it would be of great honour to have you be a part of it.


Your Impact

As a result of your love and support for be.neath, your contribution here has a profound impact which can potentially change lives. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us take one step closer towards bringing this vision to life.​ We look forward to growing alongside you in this flourishing journey.

We are of utmost gratitude to have you with us. We hope you can continue to feel welcome and safe here and walk beside us on this journey of love, joy and abundance.