About Aqua One

It is of great importance for us to ensure that we include only carefully selected, high-quality products in our Be.neath Aquarium Kits so that you and your fish can enjoy peace of mind in your aquatic pet-keeping journey. Aqua One's products as they are one of the top brands in the industry with a reliable, easy-to-use range. Any issues are covered with an industry-leading warranty.​


A note from Aqua One: Aqua One has made fish keeping easier for families, enthusiasts and professionals. Our comprehensive range includes aquariums, technology, nutrition, maintenance and accessories. We offer quality products to suit any budget. Our specialist team includes marine biologists who design, test, and quality control of our products.

Aqua One is backed up by an industry-leading warranty, and a commitment to providing reliable products. Aqua One is the market leader because the people that design the products use the products. Each aquarium features the latest in technology and is designed to ensure easy fishkeeping. We are proud to offer products that inspire excellence in fish care, and we hope you enjoy them too.