Aquarium Kits

Introducing an aquarium into your space is a way to welcome a piece of unseen nature into your surroundings. To maintain and connect with nature is becoming increasingly challenging due to the character of our modern, industrial lifestyle.  

Be.neath Aquarium Kits are designed to make your experience effortless and pleasurable.

All Aquarium Kits come complete with a glass aquarium tank, bag of substrate and an Essentials Box which includes everything you need to keep happy, healthy aquatic pets.

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Home & Aquarium Decor

Most of our modern, industrial sphere resides at a distance from the spectacle of these natural gifts. Let us bridge the gap between the world we live in, and the world that surrounds us.

We are pleased to have put together a careful curation of both Earth Made, and Man Made decor for your merriment, and the safe enjoyment of your aquatic friends.

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Self-Love Tools

There is wisdom in the mundane, there is profound beauty in faults and imperfections of objects and life itself. By allowing a mindful moment to observe, accept, and discern, inner transformation occurs. You feel stable, grounded and inspired. You live a life in a manner which is gorgeously abundant in joy, awareness, and wisdom.

These self-love things are intended to help you towards your inner-healing journey through providing you with the tools to help you do so.

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