Vy Tran

Vy is committed to empowering others to reach their greatest potential through movement, health and wellness. She is a Physiotherapist and Personal Trainer, and is on a mission to help others develop strong bodies and strong minds. Vy aims to share her own journey of personal growth with the hope of inspiring others to do the same.

Vyhas a strong body to get her through life and a mind to live a life with fullness and freedom. She places importance on mental health just as much as physical health which is a lesson that may be important for us to constantly revisit and re-apply. With a perspective of life that is infectiously inspiring, I’m sure even the smallest interactions that you have with her is going to inspire and empower you to live your life in a limitless way!

Main Values: Growth, gratitude & integrity

  1. Growth: My goal is not to become the best version of myself, but to better myself every day. Over time, I have discovered that continuously striving for progression, not perfection, leads to more opportunities, more success, and more satisfaction. Growth must come with humility; accepting the reality that you will not know everything, but the eagerness to keep learning anyway.
  2. Gratitude: It is easy to forget how much life is working for us rather than against us if we do not take the time in our day to count our blessings. “It is not happiness that brings us gratitude; rather gratitude that brings us happiness.” This is not just an important virtue, but a skill that is worth practicing. 
  3. Integrity: One of my greatest values and virtues is integrity – to show up wholeheartedly in everything that I do. But in order to give all of my energy to the people that I love, to my career, and in my life, I protect my energy fiercely. I make sure to recharge my mind and body, look after my health, and know when to say ‘no’. To grow and excel in life - to reach your goals and feel fulfilled - give everything your best shot, stay true to your values and stay true to yourself.


Finding her calm:

When I’m feeling mentally and emotionally stressed, there’s nothing that makes me more calm and centred than meditating through movement. I will sit in a dark room, light a candle, play my music.... and just stretch and breathe.Nothing makes me feel more calm and grounded than tuning in to my body. Making space to slow down my movements, expand my lungs, and recharge my internal battery. I am in my own world. I am safe. I am abundant. I am alive. 

Favourite sense:

Although I truly value every sense, there is something truly beautiful about physical touch. As a Physiotherapist, I have seen how healing touch can be, whether it’s to ease pain, promote relaxation, or reduce stress. Touch is a form of energy, a mode of communication and a source of connection.

3 things she is grateful for:

  1. My body that has the potential to grow, to learn, to move, to spread love and to make a difference. 
  2. My partner who inspires me, loves me, motivates me, believes in me, and makes me believe that nothing is impossible.
  3. My parents who have sacrificed so much of their life to make sure that my future is bright. And my brother and sister who have sculpted me and instilled values in me which make me who I am today.