Monii Tinez

Moni is a vibrant and high spirited individual who walks numerous paths of creative outlets to express her inner being. She explores movement through dance, communicates her refined taste for should  as a music curator and expresses her powerful imagination through creative coding. Now a full time UX/UI designer, she is living as the woman she has always imagined herself to be.

Main Values: Say what you mean, mean what you say; listen to understand, not to respond & accountability

Finding her calm: “#1 thing I do to achieve calmness — solitude and I ask why. Whether a situation is a shit show r a situation is a golden blessing and everything is between, I ask why. This can mean anything from meditating on the why, asking for guidance on the why, finding the why and understanding the why.”

Favourite sense: Hearing. My fave is paying attention to sounds. Focusing on understanding and analysing them. The rain, thunder, train roaring, my footsteps, other people’s footsteps… I am also very sensitive to sound. When it’s too loud, I am overstimulated.

3 things she is grateful for:

  1. The power of imagination 
  2. Solitude 
  3. The collective awakening that has happened/is happening in 2020.