Melissa Pham

Melissa is that girl that always has a warm and welcoming aura around her. Something about her makes you have a natural affinity towards her. You know there is something deep down within her that is explosive with beautiful emotions and once you see her dance, it shows, and it reaches in to your deepest parts too. She moves with emotion, and I’ve had the luxury of witnessing her movement evolve as I grew up with her, seeing her flourish and bloom.

Main Values: Open Mindedness, Integrity & Compassion

Finding her calm: I focus on my breath in order to achieve a sense of calmness. 

Favourite sense: “I’d have to say it is a tie between taste and smell since they are so intertwined with each other. They trigger memories for me in a way that the other senses don’t.”

3 things she is grateful for:

  1. My home: A place that is warm and gives me a sense of calmness.  
  2. My friends and family: For providing me with endless love and support. 
  3. Nature: The never-ending yet beautiful energy and connection that Mother nature provides.