Marian Angelu

Marian is a queen, continuously evolving, adapting to her present chapter, but always glowing no matter what the weather. She will always have something profound to share and will always leave you inspired and with more insight. Her confidence radiates infectiously through her multiple expressions including fashion, academia, dance, (her unreleased collection of poetry work) and an endless list of many more - you can't help but wonder how someone can be so remarkable both inside and out.

Main Values:  Honesty, Independence & Loyalty

Honesty is very important to me. Trust is something that takes years of cultivating but it takes seconds for it to break apart. 

Independence. Being an independent, self assured individual is who I am striving to be. I understand the importance of asking for help when needed, but independence in all aspects of life is what I believe is a large part of self fulfilment 

Loyalty. I believe in always supporting and standing up for those I love, myself included. Being faithful to those around you not out of obligation, but of respect and love for those dear to me.

Finding her calm: It would have to be lighting a fragrant candle and night and reading a good book (usually of the fiction genre)

Favourite sense: My favourite sense would have to be  smell.  I love how scents can bring nostalgia in your life or transport you to a different season of place. It’s a form of therapy for me as each spray is a reminder for me to take a moment to myself.

3 things she is grateful for:

  1. Being alive. Especially during this year, I’ve been aware of my own privilege 
  2. My friends and family. My circle is quite small however, the friendships I’ve developed have been filled with so much support and love that is reciprocated. 
  3. The person I’m becoming. I have come such a long way and have grown so much as an individual. I’m just excited to see what other lessons I’ll learn.