Lily Tran

 Lily is a vivacious creative who seeks to always capture and create pieces of design that feel so naturally pleasing to the eye. She embraces both the left and right hemispheres of the brain through her work and everyday doings as a designer and marketing specialist. Check out her remarkable enterprises @hai__studios and @x__exchange.

Main Values:

  1. Friendships Relationships
  2. Knowledge/ Learning  
  3. Kindness/ Empathy  

Finding her calm:

“To find a state of calm I need a clean and clear environment first. I do this by resetting the space around me whether it's cleaning workspace, removing clutter from my desktop, resetting my computer, or burning some sage.”

Favourite sense: “Taste is my favourite sense because it allows you to explore your own culture or appreciate someone else's culture.”

3 things she is grateful for:

  1. Being surrounded by talented, loving, and inspiring friends and family. Knowing I have built an amazing support system that can get me through anything.
  2. Opportunity and freedom to explore my own career path without pressure from my family. 
  3. Being able to wake up every morning in a healthy body.