Lauren Nguyen

Lauren is a sweet, loving, kind, intelligent and passionate soul and it shows in everything that she does. She is one of those people you can just connect with deeply for she has an open mind and caring heart. Every interaction with her is thoughtful, mindful, and her presence in the present is very much sensed. A woman of many talents: before her entrepreneurial endeavours of present day, she was (and still is in her) a mover, dancer, expresser (I grew up looking up to her and loving the way she moves. She has an undeniable talent).

Main Values: Communication, Honesty & Love.

Finding her calm: “To achieve a state of calm, I like to control my breathing and be in tune with my thoughts”

Favourite sense: “My favourite sense is sight. Visually I can see every detail and imperfection. I like taking mental pictures.”

3 things she is grateful for: 

  1. My overall health and body
  2. The people in my life
  3. Mother Nature