Katrina Villegas

Katrina is an incredibly inspiring individual as she follows her heart, listens to her gut and takes action on her brilliant, unique ideas which she goes forth with a great magnitude of passion and professionalism. The thoughtfulness, love and care she puts into her work is infectious and as said earlier, inspires us all to do the very best we can. Her business @bobabar.melb is abundant with inventive and of course, very palatable recipes which has a brilliant way of not only celebrating a drink we all enjoy, but also celebrating the MASARAP & unique flavours of the Philippines!

Main Values: Respect, Resilience & Centeredness

Finding her calm: “This is really hard for me to achieve and it’s probably the reason why it’s hard for me to fall asleep but one thing I have found that works is lying down or sitting still (shoulders back, chin up) and breath in the same pattern for 5 minutes. It helps reset or clean my thoughts and bring me back to the present.”

Favourite sense: “That’s a tough one but I think it’s mostly sight. I’m a visual person I like to see things to experience a time or place to look forward to or reminisce back on.”

3 things she is grateful for: 

  1. My family- if there is anyone I’d rather be with, my answer will always be family and I think 2020 has really tested that for many people.
  2. Technology a.k.a. the internet - it has kept me connected with family overseas that I would normally see in person when travelling but also, it has kept my side hustle and creativity alive.
  3. Living in Melbourne because home is where the heart is.