Grace Nguyen

Grace is a loving and kind soul with so much to give to the world. As an entrepreneur running her newly founded business, Abounded, she is able to create custom laser cutting services to help people synthesise their immaterial ideas to material happenings. By grace, through faith, she walks her journey of life by working closely with the people around her to provide opportunities for the wider community as an event organiser and also, a photographer to capture lived moments forever. 

Main Values: Integrity, Trust & Patience.

Finding her calm: I pray or listen to worship music. 

Favourite sense: My favourite sense would be sight because I get to experience special moments and appreciate the things/people around me. Once that moment is gone, I can still hold on to them as memories. 

3 things she is grateful for:

  1. My family: I love doing life with them. I have been blessed with 4 younger siblings who are my best friends for life. Along with my parents, we’ve been making the most of our time together before I step into my new chapter - marriage!
  2. My fiancé: He has been so patient and supportive of everything I do. We’ve been together since high school and it’s so crazy to think that we will be getting married in a few weeks!
  3. God: Without God, I would not be who I am today. I was a super shy girl growing up but look at where I am now - sharing this with you all! He is my light in the darkness and my peace when I feel anxious.