Genevieve Villaflor

Genevieve has a passion for nurturing those around her as she tends to her vast array of plants, shows love and support to a magnitude of people and their endeavours, and although, not a parent, she has profound love and care towards children through her profession as an early childhood and primary school educator. She also has an astounding ability to express her inner being through abstract art which shows a stunning display of fluid colours and lines. 

Main Values: Open Mindedness, forgiveness & resilience

Finding her calm: “I stop what I’m currently doing to take a few breaths and centre myself. I’d then continue what I’m doing with more awareness, letting all other thoughts go.”

Favourite sense: “Sight. I love observing the world around me and representing it through my art!”

3 things she is grateful for:

  1. The support of my friends and family
  2. Finishing my university course
  3. The fan cooling me off this hot night (the simple things!)