Diana Quach

A woman of many talents, with both left and right sides of her brain working in her favour, Diana has a way of expressing her intricate inner workings of the mind onto paper... in both eloquent words, and detailed fine art. As of recent times, she has successfully launched her new project @the_mindset_engineer which focuses on harnessing the power of your mindset by cultivating self awareness, self acceptance, and self development. A truly empowering and brilliant, kind soul she is.

Main Values:  Selflessness—Curiosity—Fortitude •

Selflessness: I have always been told that I was selfless. The definition of selflessness is to be more concerned with the wishes and needs of others than with one’s own. I believe there is a universal good that spreads when we’re all selfless.
Curiosity: My mind is always active. By staying curious you always ask questions and search for answers. It drives my willingness to learn and consistently step out of my ‘comfort’ zone.
Fortitude: Refers to the strength and the ability to withstand adversity. I have adopted this value through mental and emotional strength from the way I grew up and through my love of athletics.

Finding her calm: “I am at my most calm when I feel I am in control of my present state. I focus all of my attention on what activity I am doing at the current moment. I experience the moment thoroughly, interrogating how I am feeling, how I view the experience; essentially using the 5 senses. Also, a good trick I use to bring myself to the present moment is focusing on bending my pinky toe.”

Favourite sense: “My most favourite sense is smell. There’s nothing more exhilarating than being able to stop and smell the flowers, to appreciate the scent of fresh mountain air or the smell of nature in a vast open land. Scientists believe that smell can trigger memory more than any other sense and therefore plays a huge role in how we feel in our emotions.”

3 things she is grateful for: “3 things I am grateful are is for the gift of life. We are a miracle to have been born as our odds of existence of life is 1 in 400 trillion. And with this life I am grateful for the power of choice; to be able to be in charge of my own happiness and create a life that I want to live. I am also grateful for my family as it is because of their perspectives, beliefs and views have helped shaped me into the resilient woman I am today.”