Cheryl Canlas

Cheryl is a bright, free-spirited soul, dreamer and wonderer. This lovely lady always knows how to light up a whole room with her infectious energy, without even trying. It is absolutely inspiring to see her succeed and thrive in her business journey (@thedaintywonderer) offering something to the world which has been juiced out from her passions. A thoughtful and conscious boss she is — and it shows throughout her whole brand. From sustainable packaging to recycling materials for her products, she serves to preserve the longevity of mother nature, and most definitely, the happiness of her tribe! Truly a delight to have in our small business community.


Main Values: Authenticity, Sustainability & Constant Improvement

1. Authenticity: My business is an extension of myself where I can express my style, my passion and create authentic relationships.
2. Sustainability: Supporting local and small businesses and trying my best to reduce waste anywhere possible.
3. Constant improvement: Life is a learning curve, there is always room for improvement and innovation. 

Finding her calm: A hot shower! Being alone with the sound of water calms me.

Favourite sense: Sight! I have always been drawn to observing unique patterns and movement. I find it so amazing how our eyes have the ability to witness all things beautiful whether it is the movement of animals, the textures of nature or the colours of food.

3 things she is grateful for:

  1. Mother Natures beautiful creations 
  2. A growing community of supporters for small business owners and entrepreneurs! 
  3. My hands to help me craft and my brain to think creatively!