Angelica Limun

 A storyteller, an energy producer and a vibe check-er … with a camera.

Angelica just slays all day, everyday as your recently announced, @nike ambassador! She serves #goodvibesonly in any way she can, by mailing sponny gifts to friends, sending sweet messages to those she loves, and slaying the rest of the world through @tiktok @youtube and @instagram. She is definitely a role model for people who want to live their best life as she excels in all aspects: career, travel, friendships, family & more.


Main Values: Creativity, open-mindedness & service

“Creativity, Open-mindedness and Service to Others are my three main values. It is so important for me to keep creating, growing and evolving - just simply allowing my creative juices to keep flowing and squeezing, which can hopefully inspire others to unlock their inner and creative power! I always think about my impact before releasing any kind of work. While it may be ‘just for fun’ for some, purpose will always matter to me and I take pride in what I put out into the world!” 

Finding her calm: To achieve a state of calm, I need to be in a space where I can release and also regain energy. My body usually tells me when I need to slow down and be still (that’s why it’s so important to listen and observe!) This is when I will happily turn on my oil diffuser, dim the lights, sip on some peppermint tea and pick up my book. When you allow yourself to engage in a simple activity such as reading a book, it allows your mind to just focus on those words in front of you and nothing else. You are fully present, focused and still.

Favourite sense: My favourite sense would have to be sight! To see is to witness a beautiful story, wherever you may be! Visuals are very important for me - you can create many connotations in your head just from one single moment! A visual opens up your imagination - the story always matters! 

3 things she is grateful for: I am grateful for my body, my family and my space! I We often forget how much our body does for us - it’s here for us every single day, ready to achieve anything we need to get done! My family has always been by my side - they will always be a priority! Lastly, I’m so thankful for my space. My space pushes me to be creative and just allows me to be me - that’s why it’s so important to create an environment that will push you to grow and aspire!